Figure 1 - Cartoon of the Mushroom Body Lobes

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Figure 1 - Cartoon of the mushroom body lobes.

a) Cartoon of the mushroom body lobes depicted from an anterior view-point. Although the mushroom bodies are bilateral, this diagram depicts only the left lobe structure. Dorsal is up and medial is to the right. The peduncle would extend behind the plane of paper toward the Kenyon cells. The most anterior lobe, gamma, is shown in blue, and is continuous with the heel (h). Just behind the gamma lobe are the a' and b' collateral lobes, in grey. The b lobe, ventral to the b' lobe, and its collateral alpha, are in reddish-brown.

b) Cartoon of a cross-section through the peduncle at the level of the fan-shaped body. The lateral peduncle is in blue, the central peduncle in black, and the medial peduncle in brown, corresponding to the coloration of the lobes to which they project.

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