Figure 2 - Superimposition of the Frontal Sections

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Figure 2 - Superimposition of the frontal sections Figure 3-17 and 3-25, to display all five lobes and the heel in one plane.

These sections show the bilateral nature of the mushroom bodies, with the right lobe structure stained with FASII and the left lobe structure colored as in Figure 1. The heel/g lobe are in blue, the a/b collateral lobes are in reddish-brown, and the a'/b' collateral lobes are in grey. Correspondingly, FASII shows three levels of staining: weak in the heel and g lobe, strong in the a/b lobes, and absent in the a'/b' lobes. Because this photograph shows sections through the middle of the brain, at the level of the a/b lobes, only the posterior portion of the g lobe is visible.

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