Figure 5 - Frontal Sections through the Brain of a Wandering
Third Instar Larva Stained with anti-FASII

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Figure 5 - Frontal sections through the brain of a wandering third instar larva stained with anti-FASII.

Sections advance from posterior to anterior. a) calyces. The developing lamina, medulla, and optic tract (opt) are heavily stained. Presumptive ring gland neurons are visible between the brain hemispheres. The stained longitudinal connectives and lateral commissures of the vental nerve cord are visible at the bottom of the photograph. c) optic tract appears to be reaching the calyces d) hollow peduncles f) heel and lobes g) lobes; only the g-lobe is visible on the right side h) Section through the fiber bundle which extends anteriorally from the heel. The eye disc (ed) is extending fibers into the brain via the optic stalk (os). Scale bar is 50µm. Abbreviations are as in Figure 3.

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