Figure 1 - X-Gal Stained Frontal Sections

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Figure 1 - X-Gal­stained frontal cryostat head sections from four independent P{GAL4} lines that stain small-field neurons projecting to the eb.

Boxes surrounding panels indicate images derived from a single tissue. Numbers in the bottom left of each box (e.g., c161 in the top box) indicate names of lines. Scale bars indicate 20 µm. Lines c161, 78Y, and 007Y stain small-field neurons that, to varying degrees, connect the eb (B, E, F) with the pb and no. X-Gal stain clearly reveals the ventral no in lines c161 and 007Y (C, G), but staining of the dorsal no in each line is obscured by eb axons (B, E, F). The pb is stained robustly in lines c161 (A) and 78Y (D), whereas in line 007Y the pb is stained weakly (not shown). Line c107 stained another type of small field neuron that connected the eb (I) and the fb (H).

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