Figure 2 - Confocal Microscopy of Adult Brains

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Figure 2 - Confocal microscopy of adult brains showing P{GAL4} directed expression of lacZ in two lines that reveal small field neurons arborizing in the pb, eb, and no.

(A) Line c161 stained cell bodies clustered in the medial protocerebrum which send projections to the glomeruli of the pb; axons also arborize throughout the eb and both the dorsal (dno) and ventral (vno) regions of the no. This pattern is highly reminiscent of pb-eb-no neurons described by Hanesch et al. (1989). There is also expression in a network of fibers just dorsal to the anterior medial protocerebrum that appears to be connected to the cc neurons. (B) Line 78Y stained a cluster of cc neurons located in a more lateral position than that of line c161 (some overlap cannot be discounted). They project to the pb and from there progress to the eb, where they innervate the inner/midregion of the ring from the canal outward. The no staining in line 78Y is restricted to the dorsal regions (dno), and in Figure 2 (E) was obscured by eb staining. Scale bar = 50 µm.

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