Figure 6 - Enhancer-trap Expression Patterns

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Figure 6 - Enhancer-trap expression patterns that display multiple types of R neurons.

These examples illustrate whole-mount confocal microscopy of adult brains double labeled for different enhancer-trap patterns. (A) c232 (green) and pwF22-6 (red) double labeled the R4 axons (A) and cell bodies (B). c232 also stained R3 axons, similar to those labeled by 189Y [compare Fig. 6(A) green to Fig. 5(C)]. Although they are double labeled, the entering axons appear red in (A) because intensity of the green channel was lowered to favor resolution of detail in the ring. (C) c819 (green) labeled R2- and R4-type neurons. Axons of R2- and R4-type neurons both arborize in the outer zone of the eb. Axons of R2-type neurons enter the neuropil at the eb canal (open arrow), while axons of R4 type neurons enter the neuropil from its perimeter (solid arrow). The scale bar = 20 µm for all images.

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