Figure 8 - Enhancer Patterns that Demonstrate
Segregation of R Neuron Processes within the ltr.

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Figure 8 - Enhancer patterns that demonstrate segregation of R neuron processes within the ltr.

These frontal perspectives represent confocal reconstructions of ~ 15 µm through the ltr. In all images R4d-type neurons are indicated by pWF22-6. (A) The R3 processes of c232 (green) were segregated from the R4d processes that appear yellow owing to double labeling by both c232 and pwF22-6. (B) R2- and R4m-type processes of c819 (green) are segregated from the R4d processes (red). (C) R1-type processes of c105 (green) are segregated from R4d type processes (red). (D) A single-labeled c105 tissue reveals a novel ventral projection (arrows) from the R1 ltr processes. The scale bar = 10 µm for all images.

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