Development of MB Neuroblast Clones

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Figure 2 - Development of MB neuroblast clones.

Composite confocal images reveal the morphology of MB Nb clones, generated in 0-2 hours after larval hatching, at specific developmental stages.A-D: 4 different time points of larva, E-I: during metamorphosis, and J-L: the formation of five axonal lobes during pupal stage. MB clones are marked by expression of mCD8-GFP. See text for detailed description. Some special features at various developmental stages are pointed, including larva-specific axonal side branches (arrows in A-D), extensive degeneration of larval dendrites right after PF (arrowheads in E and F, compared with arrowhead in D), axonal debris (arrows in G) in the distal regions of larval axonal bundles around 12 hours APF, distinct fascicles of axons in the peduncle around 18 hours APF (arrow in H), stalled axons in the heel region (arrow in I) around 24 hours APF, two distinct dorsal lobes of axons around 36 hours APF (arrows in J), the dendritic processes (arrowheads in K and L), and five adult-specific axonal lobes (arrows in K and L). Note: lower magnification was used to cover the entire clones in E-I due to different orientations of the early pupal clones. The brains in A-F are outlined in gray. Genotype: GAL4-C155,hs-FLP/Y(or y,w) ; FRTG13,UAS-mCD8-GFP/FRTG13,tubP-GAL80.

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