Morphological Characterization of Three Types
of MB Neurons

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Figure 5 - Morphological characterization of three types of MB neurons.

(A-C) Composite confocal images of isolated adult MB neurons reveal their characteristic morphologies at single cell level. These marked MB neurons were born during the early larval (A), late larval (B), and pupal stage (C), respectively. Arrowheads point at axonal side branches (A,B). Note the characteristic axonal side branches in the a'/b' neuron (arrowheads). (D-F) High magnification of the dendritic regions of A-C reveals claw-like structures near the ends of major dendritic branches (arrows). Genotype: hs-FLP/Y ; FRTG13,tubP-GAL80/FRTG13,UAS-mCD8-GFP ; GAL4-OK107/+.

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