Poster Session on Drosophila Neurobiology

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Displaying a poster on a meeting for a few hours only is not very satisfying. If you share that opinion, you might prefer to exhibit your poster here. Request the instructions.

This permanent poster session is linked to the Flybrain database. Data are automatically transferred to all Flybrain mirror sites. With the search function you can look for key words. While posters can be withdrawn by authors, their exhibition time is not limited by Flybrain.
If you want to attach your comments to any of the posters below, use the email option at the bottom of each poster page. Do not forget to give the accession number of the poster. A completely automated comment attachement as well as a www-interface for data input are presently being programmed.

Links to (yet) unreviewed, additional material of the local mirror sites:

  • Experimental VRML-page of the Freiburg site
  • Educational Tour of the Drosophila nervous system, Freiburg

  • List of Posters (new ones on top)

    Content of the posters is the sole responsibility of the authors.

    1. Your poster?

    2. Sean T. Sweeney, Simon H.B. Maddrell and Cahir O'Kane (1997)
      A Targeted Expression of Tetanus Toxin Light Chain Resulting in an Eclosion Phenotype
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00008
    3. Petros Ligoxygakis, Sarah Bray, Anette Preiss and Christos Delidakis (1997)
      Roles of the E(spl) genes in the Notch pathway
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00007
    4. Annette Sulzbacher, Christian Reiter & Karl-Friedrich Fischbach (1997)
      Characterization of Gal4 lines with expression in the Drosophila optic lobe using Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) as a marker
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00006
    5. 102 Abstracts of the 6th European Symposium on Drosophila Neurobiology in Regensburg (1996)
    6. Wolf R., Dill M., Eyding D., Wittig T. and Heisenberg M. (1996)
      Learning of Drosophila at the Flight Simulator: Classically Conditioned Visual Pattern Discrimination (mushroom bodies and cAMP signaling)
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00005
    7. Eule E., Tix S., and Fischbach K.-F. (1995)
      Glial cells in the optic lobe of Drosophila melanogaster
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00004
    8. Dittrich A.P.M., and Fischbach K.-F. (1995)
      Columnar lamina-medulla connections in structural brain mutants
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00003

    9. Reiter Ch., Nie Z., and Fischbach K.-F. (1995)
      IrreC-rst misexpression in central brain structures does not alter their development
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00002

    10. Nie Z., Pourquie O., and Fischbach K.-F. (1995)
      Targeted misexpression of the chicken axonal surface protein BEN in the nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster
      Flybrain poster acession no. PP00001

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