Poster Session on Drosophila Neurobiology
What kind of data can be included?

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We will accept all data related to neurobiology of Drosophila. Authors have to give their full address. Updating of entries is possible.

The status of data will be similar to that presented on posters at a meeting. They are citable as personal communication after contacting the authors.

Suggestions for poster format and submission

In case a published abstract containing an introduction and conclusions does not yet exist, we suggest the following poster format: Data submission can be by email ( or disc. Figures should be in GIF or JPEG format, text can be html (preferred), plain text or MsWord. Movies in standard formats are welcome. In case you have your own www-server we could mirror your poster, if you wish. If electronic versions of figures are not available, hardcopies of figures and text can be accepted. In that case integration into the poster session may take some time, however. In case of questions, use email as well.

If you do not want to submit your data, but prefer to advertise your own homepage, you can add your URL yourself to the Images of the Drosophila nervous system database maintained by the Fischbach lab. These links will be integrated into the Flybrain database in due time.

An automated online poster submission form is being prepared. A preliminary version is used as abstract submission form for the 6th European Symposium on Drosophila Neurobiology (September 15 - 19, 1996 in Regensburg, Germany). These abstracts may already contain links to image information (on your own server) and will be integrated into the Flybrain poster session after the meeting (submission of images directly to the Flybrain server should then also be implemented).

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